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High Speed Wireless Internet

Info Link Wireless Inc. offers High Speed Wireless Internet services to communities in west central Minnesota and eastern South Dakota. Check out our promotions page or contact us to see if we currently have any promotions or special deals.

Advantages of High Speed Wireless

  • Faster uploads and downloads

    • Info Link's Wireless plans range in speed from 256k to 1 mbps and beyond. You choose the speed which meets your needs. A 256k connection will be 3-5 times faster than a typical 56k Dial-up connection.

  • Nearly symmetric upload and download speeds

    • You will not only be able to receive information faster, but you will also be able to send information over three times as fast compared to a dial-up connection.

  • No phone lines needed

    • You do not have to pay for an extra phone line or worry about missing incoming phone calls.

  • Always on

    • No more waiting to log on or worrying about busy signals, you just sit down and open the program you want to use.

  • Available in rural communities

    • Finally, you can get high speed Internet even if you live too far out of town to get cable or DSL lines to your house, without the expense of satellite Internet!

Service Area   -   View maps of our Wireless service areas

Info Link offers High Speed Wireless Internet access in and around the following communities in west central Minnesota and eastern South Dakota. View our residential rates or contact us for business rates.


For our customers we have local, free-of-charge support lines for assisting you with Internet related issues or just answering questions about email and the use of your browser. You can also send us your support questions using our on-line support form.

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