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Webpage Hosting Options

Custom 404 Error Page

Sometimes when we update web pages, old pages may be deleted, and an old link might point to the wrong place. If a visitor comes to a standard "Page not found" error page, they may leave your site and look elsewhere, or think that it looks unprofessional. With custom 404 Error pages, you don't have to worry about that. You can make this page look just like the rest of your site, providing continuity to your visitors, and easily directing them back to existing pages.

By default this page is titled missing.html and has a generic 404 Error on it. This file can be edited at any time.

Data Transfer

When files are sent over the Internet to and from your website, this counts toward your data transfer. Transfer occurs using HTTP Protocol (accessing the site through a web browser) and FTP Protocol (uploading or downloading files via an FTP client).

Transfer quota exceeding service plan quota will be charged at $6.00/GB on the basic plan and $5.00/GB on the premium plan. Additional transfer can be purchased for $3.00/GB. Additional transfer that is not used rolls over to the next month.

Domain Email Hosting

All domain hosting comes with unlimited email addresses. These email addresses can be managed through your control panel. You can also add virus protection and Spam filtering to your email accounts at no additional cost, as well as set up a 'catch all' email address that will catch any email sent to your domain.

Email accounts may be accessed through webmail (http://yourdomain.com/webmail) or with any email client using IMAP or POP protocol.

FTP Accounts

FTP Accounts allow you to update files on your website by uploading them from your computer. An FTP Client (such as SmartFTP) is required to use your FTP accounts.

Hit List Reports

Have you ever wondered who is visiting your webpage, and which pages they visit the most? With Info Link's Hit List service you can view detailed hit list reports broken down by day or month. These reports are available online and are updated daily. stats can be configured via your control panel.

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists can be useful for sending out information such as a monthly news letter. Visitors can sign up or opt out easily and then when you send emails to that mailing list, all subscribers will receive the message. These can be set up via your control panel.

MySQL Database

If you need to store and manage dynamic customer and/or content information, you will want to take advantage of the blazing speed and power of our MySQL Database service. Don't bother with flat-file data storage which is slow and difficult to work with when you can use the most popular open-source database in the world! By combining MySQL with Perl and PHP, you have all the tools needed to create a website to compete with that of the largest of corporations. Standard service comes with two databases and one login ID with full access to that database. You may create as many tables as required within your database.

Perl, PHP4, Python, Ruby or TCL

It is ofen not enough to have a static webpage with no interactive or dynamic features. Improve the usability and profitability of your webpage by enhancing your hosting service with Perl, PHP4, Python, Ruby and TCL support. By using these very powerful technologies, your webpage can provide interactive feedback, dynamically generated content, personalized viewing experiences, and more! Each domain also comes with its own CGI-Bin.

Secure SSL Services

If you are using your website to collect customer information, you will want to ensure your customer's privacy by securing their connection with SSL.

Standard Secure Site

Any page of your website can be accessed over a secure connection. Since this service is provided using a shared secure certificate, it requires that any secured pages are hosted under the server domain. If you require secure services under your own domain, you will need our Premium Secure Site services.

Premium Secure Site - $400.00 per year

If your security needs require that SSL security is provided under you own domain, you will need to subscribe to our Premium Secure Site service. We will register your organization with Verisign, the leader in secure certification authorities. With your Verisign certificate, you will have SSL capability for any page within your website, with your own certificate.

Premium Secure Site (without certificate) - $75 per year

If you have purchased your own secure certificate, we can set it up for your domain. This allows you the same security as regular Premium Secure Site services, but allows you the flexibility to purchase your own secure certificate.

Storage Space

Every file saved on your site requires storage space. This is shared by your webpage files (.html, .php), your emails and information in your MySQL databases.


Subdomains are individual Web addresses within a pre-existing domain name. For example, if you have www.mydomain.com and wish to have part of your website easily accessible without visitors having to type in a very long website address, you can set up a subdomain, subdomain.mydomain.com.

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