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High Speed Internet

Info Link is proud to offer DSL High Speed Internet* for urban customers as well as High Speed Wireless Internet for both urban and rural customers.

What is the difference between Wireless and DSL Internet?

Wireless - As the name suggests, Wireless Internet does not go through cable or telephone lines It is broadcast similar to AM or FM radio. The signal is then picked up by a special radio antenna in or on your home. Unlike DSL or cable Internet, Wireless is even available to homes in rural areas.

View pricing and availability for Info Link Wireless

DSL Internet - DSL Internet comes to you through a Digital Subscriber Line, provided by your phone company. DSL, like most high speed connections, is always on, so you do not need to dial in or wait for a connection and it allows you Internet access at much faster speeds than dial-up. DSL Internet is only available to homes where phone companies provide DSL lines, which is mostly limited to residences and businesses within city limits.

View pricing and availability for DSL High Speed Internet*

How fast IS high speed Internet?

High Speed Internet is any Internet which connects faster than dial-up. Generally, the lowest speed offered is 128Kbps - 3 to 5 times faster than dial-up. The speeds go up from there, up to 5Mbps and higher! Depending on the service and speed you choose, your connection may be hundreds of times faster than a 56Kbps dial-up connection.

Is high speed Internet available where I live?

Check out our Wireless service areas to see if High Speed Wireless Internet is available for you. Or see if you are in one of the cities where we provide High Speed DSL Internet Service*. You can also contact us to check on DSL or Wireless availability, or for more information regarding high speed Internet.

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